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Having a stammer can make everyday conversations difficult or even fearful; however there are a range of therapy options, techniques and strategies that can be employed to manage the stammer more effectively and so reduce the difficulty, fear or anxiety when talking. For long lasting improvements and ability to manage stammering effectively, I have found that a stammer more fluently approach has consistently provided the best results for patients.

Stammering more fluently

The focus is on providing the person who stammers with the tools and techniques so that they can manage their stammers so they are; less fearful, less severe and less frequent. This approach assumes that the person who stammers will always have a stammer – however well controlled; treatment is therefore designed to manage the occasions in speech when the stammer presents itself. Therapy focusses on treatment options that enable the person to gain more control over their stammer, and hence their speech. This treatment option can be used with teenagers and adults. It usually results in improved ability to manage the stammer.

Elements of therapy

Therapy focusses on getting the person who stammers to reduce doing things that are unhelpful, and to learn how to modify problematic sounds.

Elements of stammering

Some aspects of stammering are obvious to other people, for example; repeating or prolonging sounds or having a period where no sound comes out. Other aspects are less visible to other people; the person who stammers may avoid certain sounds or words or situations; they may have negative feelings or anxiety about their speech. These hidden difficulties are just as important as the more visible aspects and are also treated in therapy.

Modern approaches to stammering take account of a range of factors relating to the stammer, but also those affecting the person, including their wishes, aims and hopes for the future. Stammering is also called stuttering.

Please see the British Stammering Association which has lots of useful information on stammering for adults and children:

I am an experienced private Speech Therapist who has helped many has helped many people learn to control their stammer. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss any of these issues further:

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